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- B/O from Mia Arody for 9.6B accepted.Awaiting ISK and target account. ...2011.07.13 19:41:00
- And a morning bump.Currently online if you want to get hold of me.Current highest bid is still 8 Bil ...2011.07.13 12:27:00
- Night bump. Highest offer so far is 8B, considering to take this as a B/O tomorrow when the roles d ...2011.07.12 20:11:00
- Hi!Currently selling Myself.Will come with 0 Assets. Positive wallet. Positive sec status.2 Neural ...2011.07.12 09:26:00
- What might I be worth? LinkageThanks. ...2011.05.14 20:27:00
- I present to you a Nightmare pilot that I might be willing to sell for the right price. She needs s ...2011.01.25 15:29:00
- A bit low for me taking it as a B/O. If you wanne get hold of me either send a Eve-Mail or ask in t ...2010.09.09 16:10:00
- Want to auction this toon.- Cybernetics L5 - All learning L5 - Good support skills (Engi/Electroni ...2010.09.08 16:50:00
- Have you made a shortcut to the .EXE file with this added at the end: /server:singularityExample: "C ...2010.05.14 17:52:00
- Character has been transfered ...2010.03.22 02:34:00
- Offer accepted. Will transfer on reciept of funds ...2010.03.22 02:20:00
- Want to SellCybernetics L5, All learning L5 except Focus. Focus L4, 10 days from completion. Inclu ...2010.03.22 01:44:00
- My alt is Celerita Venia. I'm not on alot because of my work load lately but I do chech the forums ...2010.03.21 03:38:00
- truncated content ...2010.03.20 21:21:00
- I have something very close to what your looking for. Almost 6mil SP. All learning at l5 EXCEPT FO ...2010.03.20 14:24:00

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