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- Offering B/O of 1.3B This buyout is accepted. My arrangement with Viking (1.2billion buyout) is trum ...2011.02.16 23:32:00
- Edited by: Afro Viking on 16/02/2011 21:13:21 oh well, lets do it :P 1.2b ninja edit: gonna be on ...2011.02.16 21:29:00
- 1 bil Reserve is 1.2 billion Viking. Meet me there and we'll commence with formalities. ...2011.02.16 19:41:00
- Edited by: Voidghast on 16/02/2011 23:34:57 EDIT: Private arrangement (buyout offer) correspondence ...2011.02.16 05:59:00
- I am fishing for some case studies and shared experiences from pilots that fly the Worm. On paper th ...2011.01.28 19:44:00
- I'm not happy with CCCp's response, are you? Well, I haven't been focused on CCP or their response ...2011.01.24 06:05:00
- ... 7.5/10 Expected but iconic, a face that could easily be found among the crew of the Nebuchadne ...2011.01.24 05:53:00
- Edited by: Voidghast on 23/01/2011 22:12:27 Hello my fellow non-portraiteers. I have successfully b ...2011.01.23 22:12:00
- Edited by: Voidghast on 23/11/2010 07:06:27 Double posty. ...2010.11.23 07:06:00
- Found it, you have to lock a target up first before the near-to-invisible GUI appears. Does it resem ...2010.11.23 07:02:00
- I've been able to do this on my PC EVE client but on my Mac the faint, cloaky little targeting retic ...2010.11.23 06:59:00
- I'll admit I was stoked for the November release, but I echo the sentiments of the community. An iro ...2010.11.12 21:48:00
- Approaching the third week in November and no word? Hello? Bueller? Bueller? ...2010.11.09 21:11:00
- Here ye, here ye! The Vigil/Hyena hull was why I opted for the Matar as my race, I was disappointed ...2010.10.22 20:53:00
- Anyhow... 1) the chances of higher bounty spawns are a little higher, but you may still need to ...2010.10.22 20:43:00

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