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- but that your statement was abit excessive.Exaggaration gets things fixed. You must be new here, so ...2010.03.05 14:09:00
- Its like comparing Apples and rotten worm infested remains of apples that got vomited out for tastin ...2010.03.05 12:03:00
- confirming that all of you did not fell for obvious troll. ...2010.01.24 17:22:00
- You guys are missing the obvious bonus of using a t3 over a command ship. A sleipnir has no bonus to ...2009.10.08 14:45:00
- Sleipnir can fit a Ganglink too. Has also nice Bonus for ACs. But the above fitting looks solid for ...2009.10.08 10:26:00
- 465dps is enough to kill a buffertanked BC while your 500+ dps tank pretty much negates any dps comi ...2009.10.05 13:50:00
- I want to play EvE on this. ...2009.10.04 07:36:00
- Who would use Fighters? Silly OP is silly... ...2009.10.04 07:24:00
- I hope there will be GTC (or Prepaid Point Cards or whatever) for DUST. They aint getting my CC Numb ...2009.10.03 19:30:00
- Wow! Just to please few whining criples you gonna screw up all your loyal carebears. Artis become al ...2009.09.23 19:43:00
- With the announced Artillery boost (+50% alpha) the Thrasher, formerly known as the worst destroyer, ...2009.09.23 17:01:00
- For only 5m isk i dont even bother to write a reply. wait ...2009.09.11 15:07:00
- I will now give elaborate review of needed changes to faction ships based on the testserver event:Fa ...2009.08.30 08:49:00
- CCP, i am disappointed and happy.Disappointed because you are running ballancing as a democratic pro ...2009.08.29 15:38:00
- Dual Light Beam Laser II with Aurora S... incredible range, tracking and damage. Will slaughter most ...2009.08.28 11:24:00

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