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- This was...inspiring! ...2011.06.15 21:11:00
- Embarrass, you say? Just fill cargo with ammo, get under his guns, deal with drones and go put on a ...2011.04.28 15:49:00
- The strategy to making a combat setup for a mining frigate can be difficult, but is certainly feasib ...2011.04.28 15:38:00
- Typhoon: It looks like someone took a barrel, put some propulsion on it and then put scaffolding on ...2011.04.27 09:04:00
- Odd, thought you had to align which took time (I could of swore way back when, when moving from 0.0 ...2011.04.05 21:10:00
- There are no bubbles in lowsec correct? Correct.Time it takes to align to warp point from gate, dep ...2011.04.05 16:49:00
- The real Picard would of done the 'Picard manoeuvre' and wtf pawned.+1 ...2011.04.05 16:27:00
- I was ratting in my Thrasher yesterday, working a bit on my security status, when a Harbinger stumbl ...2011.04.04 09:44:00
- +rep ...2011.02.15 13:16:00
- Hmm, that magic marker I was playing with tasted funny.. ...2011.01.28 16:13:00
- I wish he would stare at my boobies instead. *sigh* Damn small ears... ...2011.01.28 15:51:00
- Edited by: Miregar Shakor on 28/01/2011 15:30:06 Look at that jerk, painting his Vigil. Pff. Like ...2011.01.28 15:30:00
- Edited by: Miregar Shakor on 28/01/2011 13:49:40 No, smartypants, we REALLY haven't met before. ...2011.01.28 13:49:00
- Stupid bar fights! No amount of make-up will cover this black eye.. ...2011.01.28 08:52:00
- Using THAT thing? Seriously? ...2011.01.28 06:11:00

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