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- No, this = end of eve ...2010.09.24 15:59:00
- ooh, so we might as well give all new players 100 mil SP bcause else they can't compete with older p ...2010.07.29 07:56:00
- If the cool down on the "pulse device" were longer than the current cloaking reactivation delay, t ...2010.07.29 07:51:00
- Seems to me the solution to catching AFK cloakers is to creat a device that sends a pulse of energy ...2010.07.28 12:57:00
- Edited by: 159Pinky on 28/07/2010 09:01:05The only meaningful difference is that in scenario 2, you ...2010.07.28 09:00:00
- Edited by: 159Pinky on 27/07/2010 16:32:27I want to be able to earn, with a reasonable amount of eff ...2010.07.27 16:32:00
- I advice OP to be more friendly next time to ppl. They only wanted to help you and none of them actu ...2010.07.26 09:28:00
- People who live and operate in wormholes still cloak, yet there is no auto-update in local.If local ...2010.07.24 08:55:00
- Mackena, explain me: why do we always talk about afk cloaking in 0.0 space and not in WH space?That' ...2010.07.23 18:14:00
- Cloaking and Local have no relationship. None.Wrong, the reason you know there's a potential AFK clo ...2010.07.23 12:50:00
- I like our second suggestion, at least the ship could be used for something. Now it'll omly collect ...2010.07.22 16:35:00
- truncated content ...2010.07.22 16:28:00
- You know the risks prior to boarding the ship.Its a great unique factor to T3. And its not like its ...2010.07.22 08:15:00
- Best fix would be to generate a killmail even when self destructing when being shot by players. + r ...2010.07.22 08:03:00
- Why should I start looking the entire universe to find your specific wormhole? You know where we liv ...2010.07.05 16:17:00

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