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- Why not make them assign a direct damage dealer fleet bs NPC to your fleet for 50k LP?I mean, you tr ...2008.06.17 08:08:00
- Are we going to see an updated version for the newest patch anytime soon?No, code your own fitting t ...2008.06.12 20:37:00
- So, Amarr get their long lost sixth frigate, giving them a tech 1 astrometrics frig.Awesome Khanid M ...2008.05.21 02:32:00
- It's so funny seeing all the people moaning the devs aren't playing enough when a couple of months a ...2007.10.24 05:57:00
- Would be nice if the Vargur at least had the grid to fit 4x 1200mm Tech 1 artilleries. Not even tha ...2007.10.23 15:25:00

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