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- Music made my ears bleed Cap'npreferred your earlier work ;) ...2011.09.01 14:42:00
- XCan i please have back drag and drop to activate ship and double click in vacant screen space to op ...2011.06.25 06:33:00
- Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.Enjoy your well deserved retirement JR ...2011.05.30 14:33:00
- Pity reply ...2010.10.16 06:45:00
- Posting in an "NC resets its closest allies shocker" threadBFF !!You dun goof'd ...2010.07.17 08:35:00
- It's been a whole lot of fun up north for the past 6 months. Logging in and joining gang for instapv ...2010.06.10 13:57:00
- Evacuating my stuff as we speakThank you for this timely warning Derek Chu !! ...2010.01.26 11:15:00
- Congratulations to D00M.Happy Birthday folks. ...2009.12.27 06:59:00
- hopping on this to help seed ...2009.12.01 19:27:00
- This is a nice simple solution. Good idea and thumbs up ...2009.11.19 07:31:00
- w00t New HT vid \o/*Downloads*That last fight was brilliant, been a while since i been involved in o ...2009.05.24 10:53:00
- I can safely say that John will be overwhelmed by all the support you are giving him an massively ...2009.05.12 20:44:00
- w00t downloading at 2mb/s will help seedGongrats on getting it finished John, fingers crossed for th ...2009.05.10 11:44:00
- WOOTAGE YA!!! PS WTS Nyx...Buy enough tickets? Risk V Reward at its finest \o/ ...2009.05.03 19:13:00
- w00t gratz wamp, gimme a shot :D ...2009.05.03 17:38:00

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