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- i think it works ...2007.10.27 19:47:00
- Edited by: Phantom Slave on 18/10/2007 15:56:50 delete meNo you have to stay in eve for ever and on ...2007.10.18 20:52:00
- That's right.CCP nerf everything in this game. Every last module.Then we can turn to the forum whine ...2007.10.18 20:48:00
- gee some one is taking over the flaming target posts for me ... good luck.. ...2007.10.18 20:33:00
- even if a person plays for 4 years you can learn some thing by reading this post .. its great to se ...2007.10.18 20:30:00
- The torps have been nerft 4 times from the time of TomB days to now so why do they even need torps a ...2007.10.17 22:45:00
- So I just hooked my HDMI capable laptop up to my 42" plasma TV and booted up EvE. The graphics look ...2007.10.17 15:45:00
- I tend to build my own computer systems and find much of the time its not the main OS but the driver ...2007.10.17 15:34:00
- If a new player lets say my age whines tell him to shut the **** up and u will suicide pop them the ...2007.10.17 02:38:00
- As i see the great news that even more players will come to the best game in the world. I start to ...2007.10.17 02:20:00
- I wish to take this time to thank every volunteer , ISD , Bug Hunter and CCP. For all the great thi ...2007.10.09 02:54:00
- ok this may help you ! First Eve Online has its own Ingame chat ! Two a number of other programs a ...2007.10.09 02:40:00
- Am I the only one horrified by the amount of brush-off logic and lack of reason in this thread? Say ...2007.10.07 21:44:00
- there's a player in a cosmos mission in deltolle bumping people so they cannot warp, this is clearly ...2007.10.07 01:10:00
- Ok im scared but i do understand all of that. some one sold some stuff and had some tags with it. ...2007.10.07 01:05:00

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