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- So.. where are the new forums ?Don't they have a US based customer service team? I doubt they will ...2011.09.05 17:14:00
- That distinction is only valid when you ignore the security zone differences in EVE and if you ignor ...2011.09.02 19:01:00
- PLEX is a good thing. What some people don't seem willing to understand is that the money has to ex ...2011.09.02 18:51:00
- Does it do anything on the case lights, I am not using the AW KB. ...2011.09.02 18:39:00
- I don't get how the incentive is going to work.As was pointed out in another thread entire 0.0 allia ...2011.09.02 18:03:00
- NeX clothing wishlist.AF Bonus. Dramiel balance. Gallente Restoration. Black Ops boost. More sub ...2011.09.02 16:35:00
- OP YOUR STUFF!!!!I'm first, I want!! ...2011.09.02 16:24:00
- Edited by: Bootleg Jack on 02/09/2011 16:21:40 Undock, you can spin in space and you shouldn't be c ...2011.09.02 16:20:00
- Edited by: Bootleg Jack on 02/09/2011 16:18:49 deleted ...2011.09.02 16:18:00
- PLEX makes the entire economy a joke and to some extent the game; being a rich corp, pointless, any ...2011.09.02 16:15:00
- Why must people whine about this? You think if they dissolve the CSM your sub fee is suddenly going ...2011.09.02 15:20:00
- How to ship spin:Undock ...2011.09.01 16:25:00
- 5, they finally showed they can do more than Windows dialogs, fancy icons and jpegs. ...2011.09.01 16:21:00
- Edited by: Tea Leaves on 01/09/2011 08:55:53 per the PAXUnknown Submitter> A large number of EVE pl ...2011.09.01 16:13:00
- This patch is fail on a number of levels that you seriously expect me to reboot my windows 7 64 bit ...2011.09.01 16:09:00

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