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- 12 fighters assigned for ratting. Whelp. Didn't need that 70M anyway. If the server crashed (as opp ...2011.08.10 00:40:00
- Dayum.I have envy. Feel the envy.FEEL IT! ...2011.08.01 07:05:00
- Hulkageddon never really stops. It's just that sometimes, there are prizes.QFT. ...2011.07.30 12:38:00
- The Amiga 500 was awesome! I wish I still had mine and all the games I had with it :( ...2011.07.16 23:36:00
- Your account has been marked for 're-education'. Please stay where you are. You will be... collect ...2011.07.16 22:43:00
- Edited by: Aidia Nestor on 16/07/2011 22:35:44 +1release incarna when it's really ready to be relea ...2011.07.16 22:39:00
- If you don't have $20 USD lying around, and have buckets of ISK, and want to pay with 2 PLEX...I don ...2011.07.10 02:26:00
- Fountain.'nuff said. ...2011.06.29 10:57:00
- Edited by: JaseNZ on 28/06/2011 04:06:57 Thanks for the blog, Zulu and Fallout, it is much apprecia ...2011.06.28 04:02:00
- Just got word that her daughter is being discharged. I let Pann know about this thread, and she was ...2011.06.26 17:13:00
- I hope your daughter recovers from whatever reason she is in the hospital, CCP Pann. Take care of y ...2011.06.26 07:14:00
- This does not surprise me in the least. What doesn't surprise me are the muppets in this game that ...2011.06.26 07:07:00
- A friend of mine had been telling me for months about World Of Warcraft...I installed a trial CD on ...2011.05.31 16:25:00
- Absolutely stunning movie!You've outdone yourself Ian!Thanks Ian, Richie, John, and the rest of the ...2011.05.30 15:06:00
- Do not like the upcoming changes :( ...2011.05.11 13:12:00

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