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- Either Trolling or don't care losing playerbase and getting a new MT base. ...2011.06.24 21:38:00
- How about CCP's Policy on the future of MT'S and possible game changes. ...2011.06.24 21:17:00
- Currently training several similar chars but with mostly lvl 4's and with ability to use bombs, Alth ...2010.03.20 13:09:00
- I have a trial account which finishes sunday the same as my full account which was done with the bud ...2010.03.19 21:35:00
- Agreed should be able to generate more isk in 0.0 than doing lvl'4s, But shesh how about more creati ...2009.11.08 14:49:00
- 5b bo ...2009.10.25 03:48:00
- Wondered why we can renew our subscription with Paypal and other methods, But for Transferring a cha ...2009.06.13 12:21:00
- IMO, taking the cruise missile option out of the ships arsenal is just plain stupid. Keep the the c ...2009.04.02 23:00:00
- Wanting to buy any Stealth Bomber under 10misk each. ...2009.04.02 22:49:00
- I did willing to bet against it? ...2009.03.15 18:00:00
- Server record will be broken tonight, Whats people guesses im going for 55k ...2009.03.15 17:31:00
- Edited by: Zurioc on 14/03/2009 20:56:21 Yeah you can download and such, But yeah you lsoe the "bon ...2009.03.14 20:55:00
- Not good, Doesn't have the panache of the old. ...2009.03.14 20:53:00
- I have checked the forum looking at the different tools, But couldn't find a Market tool then can re ...2008.08.22 20:41:00

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