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- The Scriptures don't say she can't return, she seems to have the backing of God, and people need a ...2008.06.24 06:26:00
- a few points: ...and the people support Jamyl Sarum. and why exactly should the people support her ...2008.06.23 16:49:00
- you only need to be in a pod if you want to get your brain scanned right at the moment before you di ...2008.06.22 20:09:00
- i like the general idea behind it but not all of the changes you did.maybe just apply the sansha/mar ...2007.11.10 17:03:00
- If you are going to move around resistances, then you should make the tech 1 resistance bonuses a ...2007.11.08 05:20:00
- So it would look like:* 5% bonus to capacitor capacity per Amarr BS level * 5% bonus to large ene ...2007.11.02 22:51:00
- horrible arbitrator setup but other than that it looks pretty good. ...2007.10.30 19:57:00
- If you don't use tachyons, you accept right from the start that the Paladin will not just do less ...2007.10.29 15:56:00
- Huh? The Kronos gets every single bonus the Paladin gets.i'll try and make it simple:mega has: 5% ...2007.10.29 07:31:00
- - do you think that the current version of the apoc has cap-problems? Nope, and go figure the Apo ...2007.10.29 07:06:00
- Edited by: Udyr Vulpayne on 29/10/2007 00:04:09 Ship bonus 10% laser cap user per level - do you ...2007.10.29 00:04:00
- Halving the turrets on the Megathron/Kronos = weapon cap use is halved. Halving the turrets on th ...2007.10.29 00:02:00
- Yes, we've figured that out, and its part of the problem! I mean, you think its ok that for the A ...2007.10.27 18:37:00
- New Pally BS: 10% cap use & 5% Max Capacitor Marauders: 7.5% tracking & 5% Armor resist +1 Low ...2007.10.26 22:25:00
- If I can run all lvl 4 missions in an Abaddon with 2 heatsinks and without a cap booster, the most ...2007.10.25 19:51:00

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