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- As stated in subject, trying to find a current price (and maybe a buyer). Vizan's Modified Dual Heav ...2010.05.19 16:30:00
- PC for Vizan's Modified Dual Heavy Pulse Laser I. ...2010.05.19 16:24:00
- 2 tickets for me. ...2009.11.09 23:47:00
- Please reply as to which region this is...we need a gang to come down and see the Mackinaw of DOOM.T ...2009.01.06 03:57:00
- * A buy order means never having to pay full price. ...2008.01.04 22:18:00
- What's a female? ...2007.11.19 00:03:00
- Are you sure you want to jettison those items?BAHAHAHA! ...2007.11.13 22:43:00
- I know I'm not the oldest, but I'm still kicking.Graduated Pator Tech School 2003.05.13. ...2007.11.03 13:06:00
- Edited by: Ecchus on 22/10/2007 14:49:04 I love the remaining ore idea, I really do, although it do ...2007.10.22 14:49:00
- I think this could be a good idea if they are Tech2 and built on the noob frig hulls. ...2007.10.09 15:41:00
- So far it seems that the mining improvements we're getting don't really do so much to change the bas ...2007.10.09 15:40:00
- many times could you afford to replace your ship of choice before the pips begin to squeak ...2007.10.09 13:11:00
- everyone donate veldspar to our deity chribba now All my veld are belong to Chribba. ...2007.08.21 19:39:00
- What's a girl? ...2007.08.04 17:13:00
- WAY back in the day, top named stuff was really expensive. And by expensive I mean 7-8 mill for a go ...2007.07.17 21:00:00

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