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- With its RoF bonus AC's eat ammo like crazy. So, with that in mind i went for 720's.To make them wor ...2006.09.11 18:29:00
- Edited by: Koinski on 07/07/2006 16:43:20 I remember seeing Bistot in Empire. I remember Amamake be ...2006.07.07 16:42:00
- Complexion Inc; Boundless Creation;Eifyr and ...2005.12.30 19:27:00
- Minamatar Republic Fleet buys Amarr Navy. ...2005.12.27 11:44:00
- I hope the missions are bugged because i did a lvl 4 AE last night with a friend (i prefer doing the ...2005.12.27 11:41:00
- If you check the hull resistances after you install a Basic Damage control, or its named variantes ( ...2005.12.26 16:48:00
- Besides the stated fact that the Cap Rechargers II market is owned by a cartel i suspect that the re ...2005.12.26 15:10:00

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