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- Paintchk. 3 8 13 31 143 ...2011.07.31 13:19:00
- would be stupid not to release it on both xbox has a much better online capability. the only thin ...2011.07.11 01:11:00
- You have the choose of having to leave your ship or not and go back to the regular hanger side. I en ...2011.07.11 01:08:00
- Not such a bad idea but what Shady Trader or whatever says is true. I think these should be optional ...2011.07.11 00:56:00
- Suicide ships or whatever would be a GREAT idea for kamikaze pilots(Like myself). Plus wiring indust ...2011.07.11 00:53:00
- Not really effects but visuals. Now I won't explain but heres a video which show you Minmater ships ...2011.04.18 02:34:00
- A good idea when DUST 514 comes out. Could also be a good thing to add for Dust players to take out ...2011.04.18 02:25:00
- Hello guys. I'll try to be short as possible. I got a idea about hit effects and shock waves that m ...2011.04.18 02:08:00
- Edited by: Paintchk on 23/03/2011 23:44:51 ...2011.03.18 20:25:00
- cockpit view: Well, simply put this is not one of the things that I would be getting. i rather would ...2011.03.18 19:40:00
- "Lucky shot". There are two types. First lucky shot is hitting the objects power-core and destroying ...2011.03.18 19:37:00
- BUT with a switch to turn this on or off when wanted.I was thinking about putting that in but it wo ...2011.03.18 19:33:00
- STOP POSTING WALLS OF TEXT.Details my friend, details.It be pointless to put Bridge walking Other ...2011.03.13 17:59:00
- Let's be honest - once you've wandered around the bridge of your ship and had a look around a few ti ...2011.03.13 17:53:00
- Next purpose is Fighter or Bomber control. Now I haven't gotten this yet but if this isn't availabl ...2011.03.13 01:28:00

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