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- Here's food for though, a blackhole aka Gravity well warp's space and time around it, Connect 2 poin ...2003.08.29 23:50:00
- Ooo I just thought of a really nice light speed paradox... A spaceship travelling at the speed of li ...2003.08.29 23:41:00
- 3. An addition to the linked Quants for Hyperspeed Transmissions. U can cross to Objects (Quants are ...2003.08.25 20:21:00
- 1. A Warp drive shortens the way between two points in space. It's possible with an ring of negative ...2003.08.25 18:32:00
- The Point is that if u refuse the mission, u get a new one. If u only close the Window the Mission r ...2003.08.24 10:59:00
- If the roid is new respawned than it is nearly nothing in it. If u leave the asteroid allone it will ...2003.08.23 16:33:00

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