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- Because the Dev's didn't want to create four different modules, when one could have the exact same e ...2008.05.02 09:14:00
- So what do you think would happen if people could train all 3 characters at once? Every single perso ...2008.04.29 14:38:00
- Well, I have learned to have patience these last few years. Ofcourse Lucas is going to milk whatever ...2008.04.13 21:02:00
- the drawing board i guess.Problem with Firefly as an MMO, is that the Unive ...2008.04.11 11:27:00
- Yeh, we're reading the forums to see where my Bhaalgorn is :/How much is a Bhaalgorn these days? ...2008.03.09 22:00:00
- so you say, that you managed to get 60mil skillpoints and have no clue how to fit a ship for PvP?I d ...2008.03.09 12:39:00
- Be aware, that Tarkovsky is a very special filmmaker. While many people appreciate his work and find ...2008.02.21 10:25:00
- This whole discussion is a terrible can of worms. It has come up a few times and it usually ends in ...2008.02.15 23:03:00
- MINER II BPO ME 15 PE 10 Located near Jita in high secTHIS IS A GOOD BPO THAT'S PRODUCED ITEMS SELL ...2008.02.12 23:58:00
- I'd rather buy one ticket for 1bill and have 1 to 100 chance of winning than paying 200mill for a ti ...2007.11.23 12:55:00
- Edited by: Brisi on 20/11/2007 02:06:09 Look at it this way; If people in real life deliberately we ...2007.11.20 02:06:00
- Hell, it's about time! ...2007.10.19 12:42:00
- Would any big time studio hire a no-name actor in a blockbuster title-role? Definately not.Come on ...2007.09.30 17:04:00
- This is the guy that IO Interactice modelled 47 after, he is also the guy doing all the voice acting ...2007.09.30 16:48:00
- They should have choosen Michael Rosenbaum, he would have been perfect. ...2007.09.30 16:01:00

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