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- I'm currently living in Stockport (south Manc area). Finished uni last year, where I was living just ...2006.04.09 09:29:00
- On a somewhat related issue... one of my alts has *everything* set to friendly according to the over ...2006.02.22 13:20:00
- Has there been a "Downtime" for the server today? If so, will all the stuck characters be working ag ...2006.02.20 14:11:00
- CCP should do this once a month. Seen this posted a few times... and I agree entirely!Even though m ...2006.02.20 13:50:00
- Permanently Setting the Processor Affinity for an Application Executable On Windows NT, Windows 2000 ...2006.02.12 12:08:00
- Unfortunatelly, you have to set the process priority/affinity each time you load the program - bit a ...2006.02.11 22:21:00
- I'd heard about setting an affinity for EVE on dual-core processors... but not everyone experiences ...2006.02.11 18:36:00
- (Not to sound harsh, but) Lesson learned: only transfer characters just before downtime (or the nig ...2006.02.07 13:27:00
- I had an issue post-RMR whereby my "ships killed in the last hour" (and pods), etc were not updating ...2006.02.07 13:23:00
- Trying cleaning the cache folder maybe?There's some files you should save to keep the main settings, ...2005.12.29 12:28:00
- Good job I'm not trying to make money by running robo or something that needs doing right after DT a ...2005.12.29 12:26:00
- Snap, dunno how this is affecting some and not others... there's over 3k people logged on, but I'm s ...2005.12.29 12:19:00
- I'm having problems like this too. After selecting my character I get the "Entering game as Blood Ha ...2005.12.16 21:43:00
- Edited by: Blood Hawk on 10/04/2005 23:06:04 (PS: Lollerskates. The medical term for balls is filte ...2005.04.10 22:51:00
- Someday!!! SOONYou forgot the (tm) !!! Remember, it's always Soon(tm) This is another feature that ...2005.04.02 19:05:00

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