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- how naiEVE... ...2003.12.31 18:22:00
- Looks like a slim chance of the servers this rate we'll be lucky to break 6k... I gue ...2003.12.07 19:33:00
- I hope everyone has moved into remote space for tomorrows 'event'...I really have zero idea wether t ...2003.12.07 04:13:00
- well....the problem you are facing is because the eve-browser won't accept cookies... you're going t ...2003.12.05 21:08:00
- Edited by: Tabius on 03/12/2003 19:49:59 Who ever told you there's no sound in space?Sounds are aud ...2003.12.03 19:49:00
- Edited by: Tabius on 03/12/2003 16:15:32 I couldn't agree more Locuila... I've been working on upda ...2003.12.03 16:14:00
- nah sorry the future, we've done away with ridicoulous fairy tales, that had been stolen fro ...2003.12.02 15:48:00
- How many?all of them... 6 of us started... I'm the only one left. ...2003.12.01 19:28:00
- Edited by: Ariell Lucinwind on 26/11/2003 08:37:26 Tabius, I was wandering through the pics on your ...2003.11.29 05:11:00
- It'd be nice to have the option of removing your ship from the have they already removed th ...2003.11.27 19:23:00
- This is us waiting for it:Tank, I'm a bit confused... is that a content problem or a bug problem? ...2003.11.27 00:35:00
- 3mb4r4a221ng n00b13! G37 a l1f3! [email protected] T#@nxG1\/1ng ...2003.11.27 00:29:00
- holy cow, I can't believe you keep bringing that up.... just let it go!!! ...2003.11.27 00:25:00
- Losers... all of ya!Play eve the way it was meant to be played!!!My Rig ...2003.11.26 23:26:00
- I cannot believe you are the least bit amused about this. The guy is in the help channel; new to the ...2003.11.25 23:20:00

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