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- Weiterhin PvEler gesucht! ...2011.08.07 19:49:00
- Unsere Tore sind offen und wir freuen uns auf Jeden! ...2011.07.31 11:09:00
- Edited by: Zenobia Jules on 16/05/2010 11:15:13 This Tool is really gr8 and my choice of weapon for ...2010.05.16 11:12:00
- thanks, I'll be browsing through there =) ...2010.05.12 23:27:00
- As far as I know, "Microtransactions" are items etc you can buy additionally from the game company,s ...2010.05.11 23:06:00
- I've been trying several Trader Tools but they all have some problems...First: I will not use my Ful ...2010.05.11 22:55:00
- Are you srsly saying, I should put my FULL api key on a WEBSITE? I could simply send you my acount ...2010.05.11 22:43:00
- Let's be clear about this:YOU ARE IDIOTS. and so am I.Don't get mad, read on. Why the hell are we ...2010.05.07 17:53:00
- Although I too think, that just quitting the game without whining in Forums is much better, he has s ...2010.05.07 17:41:00
- That this issues haven't been attended to yet is the most pathetic thing in the gaming history I've ...2010.03.26 23:09:00
- Same here. Jita is more or less impossible to fly because game crashes every second. Especially when ...2010.01.12 22:53:00
- Supported. Its kind of pathetic how crappy for how long that sound is. ...2009.07.25 23:35:00
- Yes, i had to wait over a week too, but still, I even got Skill time back i lost due to Skill queue ...2009.04.01 18:56:00
- Deinstall AVG. No, i'm serious here. AVG was causing extreme crashes and problems for me in many g ...2009.03.30 16:31:00
- emptying the cache didnt help for me, and the issue with the turret sounds is, that the come and go ...2009.03.30 16:18:00

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