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- 2. CA is now rarely in Empireso? empire is boring ...2004.12.16 10:34:00
- I like minmatar ships. They are build for damage and speed and love it :)no normal frigate can beat ...2004.12.08 17:31:00
- 1400mm cannons, it is a long range weapons-platform. you can shoot loong and hit hard. ...2004.12.08 17:04:00
- I cant se how making missile cheaper makes other ships useless.... only the prize has change....a g ...2004.11.27 14:53:00
- funny, all those bpo of tech2 ships that are being sold just befor shiva.... whonder why ...2004.11.04 22:52:00
- it is becouse they want ppl to use lasers on amarr ships, but now projectile are not long range anym ...2004.06.19 12:47:00
- I dont think that even whit tech5 powercore upgrads or supermega elite frigets it coudt take a 1400m ...2004.03.17 11:21:00
- slavers ...2004.02.28 21:21:00
- slavers ...2004.02.28 21:20:00
- like the "take implant from body as loot" ...2004.02.26 09:26:00
- yes a few tech1 bps com from agents, then players sell them on market. ...2004.02.16 13:52:00
- cool whit tech5 we get kill by npc befor we drop out of warp some npc pireste are ok to be harder. ...2004.02.11 11:33:00
- truncated content ...2004.02.09 20:29:00
- you never hav don that.thise only show info about the bp, not build info. ...2004.02.09 20:28:00
- (PA + SA/2)*(1 + LS) = number of points you train in 60 seconds. PA=primary attribute SA=secondary ...2004.02.03 07:44:00

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