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- On other notes, the server can handle 300ppl in system YOU CANNOT DO THAT WHILE WARPING! ...2006.07.30 02:02:00
- YOU CANNOT DO THAT WHILE WARPING!! ...2006.07.29 03:08:00
- At least the Typhoon had the last laugh when it downed the Rattlesnake.The commentary has been ok so ...2006.07.17 10:50:00
- Its amazing to think that the only two alliances left from that period who still inhabit the same ...2006.07.07 19:19:00
- While this thread is here..It's "goons", not "goonies" or "gooners" although "goonygoongoon" is acce ...2006.07.03 00:56:00
- Edited by: Jan Javaar on 30/06/2006 20:46:08 Mi'Zuro, they already have: HuginnExcerpt: Recon Ships ...2006.06.30 21:47:00
- CCP could give them a bonus to web range. ...2006.06.30 20:35:00
- Petition it under 'Stuck' and ask for the character to be manually deleted. This bug has affected my ...2006.06.25 11:24:00

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