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- My Rokh fit, it's the best missioning boat I've used. Then again I havn't used anything but rails... ...2010.11.29 22:25:00
- Edited by: Monk Fish on 29/11/2010 22:09:47 I have a cap per shot reducing rig, a catalyst one to i ...2010.11.29 22:09:00
- I was a firm believer of the Navy Geddon, wasn't really interested in the Nightmare as the Geddon wa ...2010.11.29 21:55:00
- I would suggest for my 2 cent, that you do not cross train at this time.Sort your income first, with ...2010.11.29 21:41:00
- I once killed a Cormorant in a SB using torps. I died to his mate, but I though it was very very fun ...2010.11.29 21:14:00
- I though just that after watching this. ...2010.08.08 19:04:00
- Relax people, back in 2006 and before patch days use to be patch " DAYS!!! " Aka, more then 1. You ...2010.06.29 15:44:00
- Edited by: Monk Fish on 29/06/2010 12:04:49 I think folk are beingA: a bit ungratful, which is fine ...2010.06.29 12:01:00
- Moved from General Discussion channel as this is the proper place for this discussion.Oops sry.I tho ...2010.06.27 00:04:00
- That's actually kinda old, if you search through the rest of their videos they review EVE Online pro ...2010.06.26 00:08:00
- Usualy type 3, however I was a type 2 on this occasion :(I have been just doing long skill training ...2010.06.25 23:54:00
- Its just one mention and at the end of this review :)- still got me laughing.http://www.escapistmaga ...2010.06.25 23:47:00
- Were you still my slave id beat you for that comment... :) lolWell yes its true. If you dont know wh ...2010.06.19 23:18:00
- I think it would be a good feature of EON, if it EON came with a DVD of the 'lastest' AT. In this ca ...2010.06.19 22:55:00
- 4. Even the skill point distribution, intra-team. If you field a 10 man team you can't bring more th ...2010.06.19 02:18:00

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