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- Because if it is, I want a serious answer as to why this has been changed now. And me and my 35 acco ...2008.06.09 05:41:00
- Super computers are not a cure for rank stupidity. ...2008.06.08 23:21:00
- Recycling alts (ie for suicideganking) is considered an exploitTrue, but I imagine it is a fairly sa ...2008.06.08 21:55:00
- Bombing Jita is a good way to ramp up to factional warfare.More details please! ...2008.06.06 05:19:00
- Edited by: Shadow Joy on 06/06/2008 05:17:10 That's because PCs will start dropping ship logs. Whe ...2008.06.06 05:17:00
- To CCP:I was just reading about the factional warfare expansion and honestly, it sounds really cool ...2008.06.06 02:35:00
- Perhaps this is the foley they used. ...2008.06.05 20:34:00
- Very interesting. It definitely seems to imply that after factional warfare has been going on for a ...2008.06.05 20:32:00
- ... these comments are getting worse and worse.Purely your opinion - probably driven by the fact ve ...2008.06.05 20:21:00
- ...the thing wrong with this sentence of yours is. When capitals were introduced they were not th ...2008.06.05 16:30:00
- ...that has to be one of the most dumb and ill-informed postes i've ever read. 1. i'm a pvper, and ...2008.06.05 16:25:00
- can invent, explore, belong to an alliance, and run level v missions while playing any style ...2008.06.05 06:25:00
- ...i didn't say anything about 0.0 or large corp stuff. what i said was don't make a whole patch th ...2008.06.04 20:25:00
- erm, no that aint it. Our ceo has no interest in FW only me and a couple others therefore the corp w ...2008.06.04 20:03:00

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