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- Earlier today I attempted a suicide gank on someone. It should be irrelevant as it was several hours ...2011.05.07 08:20:00
- no new ideas here at all. just a bunch of nerf hisec while maintaining the already high income of n ...2011.01.16 22:08:00
- It is certainly sad that it would, though. They make medicine for when subjective things with no emo ...2010.12.08 01:20:00
- I am for using plexes to buy neural remaps. Hell im for using plexes to buy sp.You can already do t ...2010.09.26 21:06:00
- Edited by: Future Mutant on 20/06/2010 18:24:59 from my understanding- though somewhat technically ...2010.06.20 18:24:00
- Edited by: Future Mutant on 30/03/2010 08:56:02 im so taking credit for removal of term limits. CS ...2010.03.30 08:55:00
- Basically limit the bonus profit to invention savings. Fine- but if you nerf t2 bpos then i want a ...2010.03.13 06:45:00
- read stickiesalso- this is the sticky you were supposed to post in. You will be ignored posting here ...2010.03.13 00:15:00
- Edited by: Future Mutant on 12/03/2010 21:09:04 Im really not seeing whats incoherent.Id be happy t ...2010.03.12 21:04:00
- In after yet another failed pvp'er who wants to be fed targets. ...2010.03.11 21:31:00
- You dont always get security sector gains from mission rats.Since fast talk is---Skill at interactin ...2010.03.11 21:17:00
- supporting this even though i dont care. not even a little bit. ...2010.03.11 06:53:00
- several methods to fix it can be found here- though do it yourselfers would need to keep anchored ca ...2010.03.10 07:26:00
- I assume you patched it right and are now at the log on screen for sisi. If not, copy and past your ...2010.03.07 10:38:00
- jeepers well i guess as long as you dont destroy innocent miners then i might be ok with it. no ...2010.03.07 10:28:00

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