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- contract all 3 kits to me please ...2010.12.27 22:30:00
- Recruitment is still open, a few places left until our 1st phase of recruitment is complete ...2010.08.22 11:39:00
- a fine bunch of tards, perverts and numpties. many a fleet roam was halted for talk of drunken explo ...2010.08.12 20:52:00
- A nice little bump for this damn fine OP ...2010.08.10 16:08:00
- Edited by: Migster81 on 09/08/2010 18:42:16 Good lads and longtime mates......and you will get to m ...2010.08.09 18:40:00
- Who's thick? at least i can spell, Nub ...2010.02.20 20:04:00
- Recruitment is back on track again, we halted recruitment for a week to welcome and integrate the ne ...2010.02.16 21:45:00
- Hmmmmmm ...2010.01.31 12:16:00
- OMG, you did NOT kick SYS-K from NRT or North Stain. Please, get a grip. We left for other reasons ...2009.02.02 22:32:00
- I've been in MASS a while and it tends to grab a hold and makes you want to stay. Come join the part ...2009.01.31 18:38:00
- Edited by: Migster81 on 26/10/2008 09:43:14Actually, the people are lolling at you that's true.But f ...2008.10.26 09:43:00
- Please tell me where it said that we need help???? Bad Tempers were just letting everyone know how m ...2008.10.20 19:01:00
- I'll post with my main, were having a laugh and a giggle at the systematic-chaos 'way of fighting' . ...2008.10.20 18:23:00
- thx for that ^^ ...2008.10.05 20:06:00
- We are looking for self sufficient PvPer's who like 'in the thick of it' action. Only hard core figh ...2008.10.04 12:01:00

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