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- One thing iv found is that if you have the falloff to hit from about 20-30 k, you should be able to ...2011.09.07 16:14:00
- This is where Dust might come in handy. We could always pay dust players to drop down on to WOD plan ...2011.09.07 15:32:00
- Generally, one throws in the *towel*, not the *hat* This. Throwing your hat means you've decided ...2011.09.07 15:28:00
- leave it up so that people with the same problem can find the answer, dammit!Yes. This is the new pl ...2011.09.07 15:05:00
- Wow, so many replies Okay well after reading them all, ill stick with the Domi until I can use an Is ...2011.09.07 14:53:00
- The info is a nice change, but I'd much prefer if there wasn't some ridiculous 10 second delay betwe ...2011.09.01 16:32:00
- If I knew, I'd tell ya (I don't get into the back-story/lore of games usually). If you can't get an ...2011.08.31 21:03:00
- Guess I'm the odd one out ;pI only post at work (generally). At home, I'm usually on the game. ...2011.08.31 20:59:00
- Edited by: Kilrayn on 31/08/2011 20:16:38 Edited by: Kilrayn on 31/08/2011 20:12:40 If possible, D ...2011.08.31 19:52:00
- Bump for great justice!!!!Also I use Gallente drone spec 5, otherwise I'd never get around to actual ...2011.08.31 19:05:00
- If you want protection, drop corp and pay the 11% npc corp protection fee so you can't be decked and ...2011.08.30 21:41:00
- Its also been a very long time since anything was added to the game of Chess, or Monopoly, or Jepard ...2011.08.30 21:31:00
- Predictions eh? Ok i'll bite: "In the year two thousand, in the year two thousaaaaaaaaannd!"One yea ...2011.08.30 21:25:00
- Edited by: Tau Cabalander on 30/08/2011 03:50:59It will be back: DaOpa's Fansite / Outage - Hurrica ...2011.08.30 21:17:00
- Edited by: Kilrayn on 30/08/2011 17:39:24 Pro tip is pro. Hopefully you newer players have skills t ...2011.08.30 17:37:00

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