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- Edited by: Dasfry on 15/12/2010 05:16:14 If captain pickard can do it, I want to do it too!http://h ...2010.12.15 05:15:00
- This program actually deleted my original eve folder.The way it happened was, I have my Eve installe ...2010.12.02 05:30:00
- spend all that time, training up leadership just so your teammates can receive and empty bonus, pret ...2010.06.06 18:40:00
- My corp moved into a nice wormhole system I'm happy that your team found and is using a nice system ...2010.05.26 23:13:00
- Just do the following, while in 0.0A. Stay cloaked at 200km away, at a pre-setup bookmark.B. Await u ...2010.05.23 02:02:00
- Test server ban request on bait81, for pod killing me in FD-MLJ2010.05.22 23:53:00Victim: Dasfry Co ...2010.05.23 00:01:00
- That is not the main problem, the main problem with this idea is severely limiting the amount of via ...2010.05.02 02:50:00
- That said, I would be in favour of this change ...Cool, It is good to hear you are for the basics of ...2010.05.02 00:58:00
- Edited by: Dasfry on 01/05/2010 02:58:41 Increasing mission running difficulty with only a minor c ...2010.05.01 02:51:00
- Edited by: Dasfry on 01/05/2010 02:51:34 "Only a minor change", he says...Minor in the sense of how ...2010.04.29 01:30:00
- Edited by: Dasfry on 29/04/2010 01:35:48 Increasing mission running difficulty with only a minor c ...2010.04.29 01:03:00
- Go on then. How would you change your tactics for killing people if you cant actually keep them in y ...2010.04.29 00:24:00
- for long roams the cargo is already full with ammo/cap charges. we dont need more mandatory cargo.Bi ...2010.04.29 00:14:00
- LonTas 5,I like your idea here about wrecks, they should have their loot float in space and you shou ...2010.04.29 00:08:00
- Once invention came in T2 prices droped significantly, now this is where it gets a little tricky for ...2010.04.29 00:02:00

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