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- Been there, done that ...2008.04.06 17:43:00
- There is no naps of any kind :)Executives from the 4 member alliances of Tortuga including MC,ODD,KA ...2008.03.28 15:06:00
- Great to see you back Duke! OC really polished off my PVP skills. If you want to have a great PVP ...2006.01.27 06:02:00
- Edited by: TheCimmerian on 22/07/2005 13:49:33 This is TERRIBLE advice.Slap whoever wrote that.Get ...2005.07.22 13:45:00
- try on this site: or direct link to patch ...2005.07.05 22:13:00
- Well that just sucks. How long have these agents been around? ...2005.05.17 14:49:00
- On a couple of R&D agents I am considering using, they have a Specialty that does not list examples ...2005.05.16 03:12:00
- I ask cause I once believed in this game but have found that CCP can not execute on the plan.I (3 ac ...2003.12.31 17:14:00
- Well, sounds like CCCP made an arbritary knee jerk reaction to some fear they have. I fail to see t ...2003.09.26 23:15:00
- So what can be reverse Engineered and what do you get? I have yet to find anything that I can rever ...2003.07.12 19:05:00

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