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- Edited by: Sleazy Cabbie on 23/08/2005 12:54:17 Where's the fun in that?Why stop there. Let's all j ...2005.08.23 02:22:00
- AMD baby!Death to intel! ...2005.08.22 13:17:00
- 5 years ago it was estimated that Everquest was pulling in a cool 1 mil per month pure profit.Today ...2005.08.22 13:10:00
- I feel you bro.I've joined 3 corps in Eve so far, and its always the same thing :1) Hey it's mining ...2005.08.19 07:01:00
- There is no such thing as an intrinsic right, rights are won, protected, and granted through the app ...2005.08.18 16:37:00
- WoW is a game. It has a beginning and an end, with scripted events to entertain you.Eve is an operat ...2005.08.18 13:13:00
- you cant seriously tell me you want to live with big brother watching you?======Yeah I can.If the ...2005.08.18 12:59:00
- Waaaah the rules dont suit me, change the gamestfu ...2005.08.18 11:31:00
- And whoever meantioned "privacy" the US government has been data mining for the past 30 years, and a ...2005.08.18 11:19:00
- Who cares what hack users think. ...2005.08.18 11:06:00
- It's a fun game, just gotta find a class you find fun and treat it basically like an action game ins ...2005.08.18 08:02:00
- Removing local gives too much advantage to aggressors.If you are a pirate, you jump into the system, ...2005.08.15 20:34:00
- I agree about clones, I think they should be free, because at the end of the day if you lost EVERYTH ...2005.08.14 13:46:00
- We (non caldari) sacrifice firepower to defend from missiles (smartbombs/defenders), All caldari s ...2005.08.14 13:32:00
- Gimme a break. The Kestrel has always been a cheese-overpowered t1 frigate.Remember the days of maki ...2005.08.13 23:42:00

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