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- Edited by: Hanabi Kazan on 04/04/2010 18:06:52Because someone Titan did go down!! *Killboard link re ...2010.04.04 18:01:00
- Tasked to protect? Hold your hand? Wut? U mad? Can I haz soem of the stuff you've been smoking?WE A ...2010.02.27 17:16:00
- Or will they sit back and allow -A- to just kill the neutrals they are now tasked to protect? Tas ...2010.02.27 16:39:00
- Edited by: General Windypops on 25/02/2010 21:11:02 there was a thread on our forums about possibly ...2010.02.25 22:29:00
- They were warned what would happen if they sided with Goons. Tough luck, CVA. you know, when we wer ...2010.02.25 20:56:00
- the new sov system is awesome for those who enjoy space feudalism and the tons of self-important hur ...2010.02.24 17:00:00
- hell yeah, can I be a space serf too? ...2010.02.21 23:43:00
- Are so terrible Are so terrible Are so terrible Are so terrible Are so terrible Are so terrib ...2010.02.13 00:11:00
- Edited by: Hanabi Kazan on 06/02/2010 20:04:59Compare a Goon op with an IT op then you will see a MA ...2010.02.06 20:05:00
- :flex: ...2010.02.04 22:26:00
- Confirming we build our titans in a refinery system that is not cyno jammed because we're always mov ...2010.01.30 18:39:00
- So what you're saying is that it took you 8 months to figure out that squatters aren't supposed to ...2010.01.30 17:38:00
- I guess you need it spelled out: with Caps liberated from PR- Kenzoku started using them and start ...2010.01.30 17:14:00
- :facepalm:I like your meme, where did you find it? ...2010.01.30 15:50:00
- To Goons, ITs over stop posting, gtfo you were only relevant when you held space but now are nothi ...2010.01.30 15:47:00

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