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- thanks guys, im not scottish , but english.I,ll contact you in-game soon as ive leeched the clientPl ...2006.09.26 17:34:00
- Ok chaps been away playing wow for ages 1 year, and now decided its crap, i was In BOB before i left ...2006.09.26 16:07:00
- I hope i wont read next weeks that StA/CFS/DSMA or single corps are labeled as pirates, because they ...2004.10.27 10:15:00
- Edited by: XeQtR on 26/10/2004 21:03:45 Perhaps you mean every thread but's that besides the point ...2004.10.26 21:01:00
- That sounds more like stavr0s. ...2004.10.26 14:12:00
- Edited by: XeQtR on 26/10/2004 14:12:31 Slip is right. If CA had come to help CFS, how would that ...2004.10.26 14:08:00
- Bah CA always claim they CTD in a fight.Being CA I can assure you we're not alone in saying that. T ...2004.10.26 05:54:00
- Oh, and you might not wan't to give people the wrong idea about EVE and it's players by bashing this ...2004.10.25 21:26:00
- Edited by: XeQtR on 25/10/2004 21:19:27 LinkageHehe. What did you say to these guys? They don't see ...2004.10.25 21:08:00
- truncated content ...2004.10.25 13:27:00
- "cookie alliance" Puh-LEASE ...2004.10.25 11:40:00
- We just had a followup fight in D87. This is turning out to being a great night. ...2004.10.24 22:21:00
- If there is to be a fanfest next year please have it somewhere closer to where I live so I can go ...2004.10.24 13:11:00
- EDIT your post, look below the SMILIES, there you'll see a DELETE button. wtf? ...2004.10.22 17:42:00
- Edited by: XeQtR on 22/10/2004 17:12:40 atupid doubleposts And stupid non-deletable forum ...2004.10.22 17:10:00

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