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- Flight Sergeant RAF for the past 23 yearsHoping that CCP will allow us to at least queue skilling b ...2007.04.26 22:12:00
- Sounds a good idea to me, I'm also not far from Cambridge, living out in the wilds of Fenland at Ram ...2007.04.26 21:47:00
- Being a serviceman (one among many that play Eve), it is not uncommon for me/us to be sent on fairly ...2007.02.20 20:11:00
- /signedI too would very much like a response to Kaylana's enquiry. ...2006.05.09 15:42:00
- Welcome along Sandler and Americis, thanks for your comments and glad you're enjoying it... and a bu ...2005.09.07 10:02:00

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