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- Edited by: SpeedoMan on 29/04/2007 00:24:56 Nice job on this tool elFarto; it's a huge help to mod' ...2007.04.28 22:29:00
- We've been asking since beta for this. I'll eat my hat, and my Speedo, if they ever do. :P ...2007.04.11 23:47:00
- Don't EVER, EVER malign Homeworld again by comparing it to EVE :P ...2007.04.11 23:23:00
- 5 turrets, 1 launcher. Seriously... why has this taken so long? Un-nerf the glorious minority of r ...2007.04.11 23:20:00
- Edited by: SpeedoMan on 26/03/2007 16:50:17 of course not, launchers and hardeners use virtually no ...2007.03.26 16:48:00
- Ferox gets a hybrid RANGE bonus, so damage-wise it's irrelevant in PvE what you prefer to use, rails ...2007.03.26 08:27:00
- Nope, because the system is broken (still) and even the 95% courier agents give mostly combat missio ...2007.02.19 01:47:00
- Best of luck to ya... there's missions and agents that have needed fixing for... oh 3 years now! :PI ...2007.02.19 01:42:00
- out of 3 bs i encoutnered since the patch..1 i could laugh at (the raven) 2 killed me in 2-10 ...2005.08.31 22:40:00
- Speedo - u read any of my previous posts? I have, when I can be bothered to participate in such an o ...2005.08.31 19:36:00
- Edited by: SpeedoMan on 31/08/2005 20:05:40 ...and then think of the two or three month old n00b th ...2005.08.31 19:25:00
- The problem is with the sig radius and velocity nerf of all missile types. It was overkill, and sho ...2005.08.31 17:28:00
- signedNo new taxes!! content! Fix & balance what's already here, first. ...2005.08.31 17:10:00
- wtf would anyone want to make any missile take 2 defenders to kill? They already suck bad enough p ...2005.08.31 17:01:00
- It's true, i've bug reported this twice now, and lost 3 cruisers so far "testing" this on Tranq. Re ...2005.08.31 16:06:00

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