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- Yes problem for me. Really annoying!! ...2011.06.04 16:13:00
- i had so hoped that we would FINALY get this: ...2011.06.01 17:43:00
- If that happened i recommend you file in a petition cause learning keeps going even with downtime. ...2011.05.19 16:45:00
- Edited by: Kai Njord on 14/04/2011 21:52:32 No offense to the winner but i have seen better looking ...2011.04.14 21:52:00
- Looks nice! 8/10 ...2011.01.19 13:15:00
- I have a lvl 4 Agent (caldari) Internal Security that gives me that mission. (but im sure there are ...2010.12.05 00:29:00
- Yes friend of mine uses a CNR and rips trough any lvl 4 mission. I myself have used a typhoon at fi ...2010.12.04 01:37:00
- That worked indeed!!Thanks for the solution! ...2010.12.04 01:20:00
- When i have played EVE and i quit my screen/desktop is darker. I can only fix it by CTRL-ALT-Del and ...2010.12.01 00:58:00
- Any plans for when the noctis will be added to the database?Yes i cant wait to try out some fittings ...2010.11.27 12:30:00
- OMG. I go to log in and the maximum number of players has been reached and I am number 11 in line to ...2010.06.01 10:27:00

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