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- Playing Devil's Advocate. EVE is a game, and by comparison one of the better ones. Now while I see ...2011.09.06 00:29:00
- If you already know the order in which the soundtrack plays.This.Also, most of your browser favorite ...2011.09.03 03:46:00
- We can all agree CCP hasn't increased the player base numbers with this and the previous expansion, ...2011.09.02 20:16:00
- EA didn't give a rat's ass what the community wanted, they're EA! I'm actually amazed that BCPT and ...2011.09.01 12:43:00
- I like the part where you give me your stuff. ...2011.09.01 11:42:00
- Spending any amount of time on these forums is enough to make anyone want to ragequit. ...2011.09.01 04:16:00
- Because new features sell better than fixes and balancing that the playerbase has asked for, for yea ...2011.09.01 03:37:00
- Most folks are correct that we really don't need much of a boost to 0.0 to encourage mining. The re ...2011.08.31 17:30:00
- It really is a shame, I'd considered an alt just for FW. Upon looking into it and talking to those w ...2011.08.31 02:38:00
- NEX Store is serious business! ...2011.08.31 02:27:00
- That review makes me laugh every single time. I also love this one. ...2011.08.29 23:38:00
- So White tree the CSM did make sure they had independent minutes of these meetings? and who was res ...2011.08.28 14:31:00
- I wouldn't remap for a plan less than a year and most certainly wouldn't do so for skills you're onl ...2011.08.25 12:24:00
- She's a gamer or she plays farmville? ...2011.08.25 12:09:00
- Goons will move to Jita.Wouldn't that actually improve jita? ...2011.08.24 23:18:00

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