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- bid 5,5 bAccepted! ...2010.04.18 14:30:00
- Replied to both of you. ...2010.04.17 13:23:00
- Not interested in trade, still ongoing. ...2010.04.16 13:05:00
- might only make it online in an hour.Still waiting for you to come online, I've sent you an evemail. ...2010.04.16 00:31:00
- 5.6 BIL ready today to buy.Contact me in-game, would like to chat with you.Still entertaining offers ...2010.04.15 19:05:00
- Edited by: Nestor Troy on 16/04/2010 13:08:21 Edited by: Nestor Troy on 16/04/2010 13:08:10 Edited ...2010.04.14 19:46:00
- I did the math on the probing a while ago, and I'm pretty sure it was unprobable even with a virtue ...2010.02.04 01:28:00
- Bump, still for sale! ...2010.02.03 18:46:00
- Edited by: Nestor Troy on 02/02/2010 17:54:43 Up for sale is a tried-and-tested legion fit...perfec ...2010.02.02 17:54:00
- i was having issues last night with my credit card. so i just returned your 4b isk to you. sorry abo ...2009.11.29 14:50:00
- Just confirm your selling Nestor Troy to me for 4b (no offense, someone tried to scam me before so j ...2009.11.29 02:54:00
- I won't be able to get in-game for a few hours at the least (at work), just fyi. thats fine. feel f ...2009.11.29 01:05:00
- Think Karramba already bought another character...see this thread: ...2009.11.28 23:53:00
- pls online, i am ready to transfer isk i was online and didnt see you...replied to your evemail. ...2009.11.28 23:28:00
- 4bil b/osent you eve mail accepting b/o. once isk recvd and acct info you want him trans to, will be ...2009.11.28 20:26:00

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