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- The only reason why projectile ammunition is doing lesser damage than the others is... “People are ...2005.07.07 08:23:00
- Frigates have there role so do BS, but all the rest don’t. To make Cruisers more viable in fleets y ...2005.06.22 12:57:00
- It all depends what your want to do. Solo PVP you need to go in close range and then 1400 and 1200 ...2005.06.22 12:50:00
- You need fever skills to fly Raven so if your gunnery skills are not 5,5,5 and so on, go for Raven.T ...2005.06.02 11:00:00
- There is no clear answer to that. The question is how you play and how you like to play the game.P ...2005.05.17 08:57:00
- Hi! I have been away from Eve a while and just wonder if cruisers agility are fixed yet. Have been ...2005.05.13 08:46:00
- I too couldn't find much on the Muninn , basically i use mine in small gangs or fleet battles as i t ...2005.04.08 08:11:00
- Why not let the dred have HP and shield like +5 BS and the same fire power that 1 bs + 1 cruiser hav ...2005.04.01 08:00:00
- Me again, this time with the right char ;)Before I used: 3x 280mm, 3x 250mm, 1x 150mm, 1x Rocket La ...2005.03.31 11:00:00
- I have one word. Raven. Thats your key. Thats the only BS that can take out the smal ones first ( ...2005.03.29 14:08:00
- Looks good, but if you don't like the repair bills, save or by one armor repairer and if you getting ...2005.03.21 15:45:00
- Perhaps the problem isn't that cap relays need to be nerfed, but that shield relays need to be boost ...2005.03.21 14:31:00
- So why is it that the ship is getting higer damage when its faster 1200m/s and lower with the AB (50 ...2005.03.21 13:48:00
- I dont think any one have sad that you should be able to mount all the best guns (720 TII) and a ful ...2005.03.19 20:46:00
- If muninn had 6 turrets and the power to support it, it would be really good. It has less lowslots ...2005.03.18 09:33:00

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