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- There is a tutorial and special forum section for noobs. I suggest you familiarise yourself with th ...2010.11.25 15:04:00
- I, as a bitter old jaded and full of hate veteran, for one, welcome this change.06, bitter, and happ ...2010.11.25 14:49:00
- The only interesting thing in those encounters is how bad you are. ...2010.11.25 14:30:00
- truncated content ...2010.11.25 11:58:00
- Edited by: AchuraLuvPVE on 25/11/2010 06:10:06 I found your fit coolThat's a truly shocking fit. ...2010.11.25 09:45:00
- Didn't they offer it last month?With the advent of a 'major' new release it's doubtful they would fe ...2010.11.24 22:38:00
- awesome ...2010.11.23 23:33:00
- Your corp, rising ashes, don't get it. Ashes fall. Also, are you banking on the fact that Russians s ...2010.11.23 23:18:00
- In light of recent actions and casting aspersions on one of my alt's good nature I may be putting so ...2010.11.23 23:06:00
- XenosisReaper > spank literally runs 30% of eve XenosisReaper > including the rats Alexey Chernoby ...2010.11.23 22:54:00
- That reminds me, I would like to resubmit one of my alts to your alliance. I have just had a good i ...2010.11.23 22:47:00
- Hello XenosisReaper,Fear not. You are in a unique and fortunate situation. Do you not realise you ...2010.11.23 22:45:00
- ~ Max props for championing true solo ~...but, don't you know blasters are broken???I'll grab this A ...2010.11.23 22:34:00
- Maelstome thanks for the laugh You can fly that monstrosity versus my merlin, tristan or whatever an ...2010.11.23 16:04:00
- Thanks lady spank for breaking the forums. Drunk again? That's so not me, any self-respecting noob ...2010.11.23 12:00:00

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