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- Bidding a farewell to the trusty old forums, they're supposed to be turned read-only today, shoving ...2011.09.09 15:24:00
- An era just may be coming to an end.To all those, here or gone, that have contributed to this forum, ...2011.09.09 15:21:00
- Who would have thought this would happen When they get around to it they will probably nuke it from ...2011.09.09 15:18:00
- Does no one know!! Searching for Eve and We Were Ganked although ammusing is not exactly sparse on r ...2011.09.09 10:29:00
- Not looking forward to the change.Man; it hurts to say that Slade ...2011.09.09 10:23:00
- I am not familiar how the base cost of items is figure. I just repaire as needed in station if no pa ...2011.09.08 15:48:00
- Glory, Band of Brothers, the automated gun turrets scene from Aliens.Although to be honest, the thou ...2011.09.08 15:39:00
- #21412.4 posts per day.. if only the boss knew. I think my boss knows. At least I am that good at m ...2011.09.07 17:59:00
- Edited by: Slade Trillgon on 07/09/2011 16:11:01 A mammoth with 3-4 warp core stabilizers will make ...2011.09.07 16:04:00
- The good news...Three more left turns and they are back on track. Slade ...2011.09.07 15:54:00
- I will leave this here Slade ...2011.09.07 15:51:00
- Edited by: Slade Trillgon on 07/09/2011 15:47:04Wow, some one just got rolled I would say what CCP c ...2011.09.07 15:46:00
- Edited by: Slade Trillgon on 06/09/2011 19:07:55 6324EDIT: and counting Slade ...2011.09.06 19:07:00
- I will not reach the top 50 in posting on The EVE-O Forums Hope to see you again, just like ship sp ...2011.09.06 16:56:00
- Just remember...i before e except after c. IS still 'taught'. beige, cleidoic, codeine, conscience ...2011.09.02 22:14:00

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