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- AAA offered Provibloc peace under some very reasonable terms. A lot of Provibloc wanted to accept. ...2010.03.31 10:28:00
- *uninformed blabbering*I'll give you another quote: A half-truth is the most cowardly of liesLastera ...2010.03.30 08:53:00
- As the saying goes:'A coward boasting of his courage may deceive strangers, but he is a laughing-sto ...2010.03.27 11:52:00
- You make it sound like the planets of Providence are all slave colonies, which is far from the truth ...2010.03.22 15:47:00
- The inevitable will come. As soon slavery has been extinguished in providence our task has been ...2010.03.10 12:48:00
- The difference is, pilot, that at least the CVA would mobilise some response. When you are in the p ...2010.03.10 11:20:00
- In other words: anarchy. There would be no policing at all, no protection, no organization. You can' ...2010.03.10 10:11:00
- The dark blue uniform, adorned with golden embroideries and befitting his status as Vice-Admiral of ...2010.03.03 11:05:00
- Congratulations, Ruah. May PIE go from strength to strength under your leadership. ...2010.03.02 13:18:00
- At least we do not lower our recruitment standards for the sake of numbers. The proud Ushra'Khan is ...2010.03.02 09:51:00
- Hard caps on systems just mean whoever has more people who can be online earlier after downtime wins ...2010.02.18 16:38:00
- As for the game mechanics force this argument- well duh. Any type of objective anyone can think up ...2010.02.17 11:31:00
- Hey Future Troll, what's your solution then? A hardcap on systems? Or are you just fanboying? The g ...2010.02.16 11:40:00
- Are you freaking ****ting me? You send a Dev to keep the node artificially alive in D-G in January, ...2010.02.12 11:35:00
- Edited by: Tharrn on 11/02/2010 12:05:32 Everyone is roleplaying in EVE. Most people just don't not ...2010.02.11 12:05:00

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