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- I have been trying to sell this on contracts for a bit but it ads up when contracts are always expir ...2011.04.25 18:24:00
- Absolutely horrible idea systems are already crowded enough as is for sanctums and such and now your ...2011.03.26 10:09:00
- Edited by: Aradia Gospel on 03/02/2011 23:55:30 Did someone say cancer?Srsly, it's not cool to tro ...2011.02.03 23:54:00
- First off, I give props to all the FC's out there. These guys truly do often sacrifice having 'fun' ...2011.02.03 23:32:00
- Look at the bright side -You aren't in IRC anymore! Happy ending if I ever heard one...indeed that ...2011.02.03 09:55:00
- big bada bump? Why are you bumping the topic? You got the attention you wantedPurpose of this post ...2011.01.03 09:10:00
- In defense of cosmoboy...."He is from the streets bro!"Unfortunately this is not the first time cosm ...2011.01.03 05:22:00
- big bada bump? ...2011.01.03 00:19:00
- this killboard? the one that shows us as being a industrial corp primarily w ...2010.12.30 00:34:00
- All drama aside, lets all just wipe out IRC... Just sayingi'm definitely up for this option ...2010.12.29 21:07:00
- now we need to find a new home/family to call our own lol any offers:) ...2010.12.29 19:27:00
- Someone bring me up to speed. Is the story, "IRC kicks out corp because member can't PVP due to canc ...2010.12.29 19:24:00
- im sorry to hear of your situation as well Quebber its not something anyone should have to go throug ...2010.12.28 06:59:00
- now we need to find a new home/family to call our own lol any offers:) ...2010.12.27 22:20:00
- Edited by: Aradia Gospel on 27/12/2010 22:08:14 sure to sum it up IRC booted our corp because we re ...2010.12.27 22:08:00

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