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- We, will drive out the vandals, theifs, and murders by forcing them out of Empire Space through econ ...2004.06.26 04:51:00
- It's freakin simple people.Get within 5k of a indy, launch missiles, ya have 2 kestrels, most of the ...2004.03.17 20:43:00
- http://www.lostinflatspace.comtotal carebear game right here. This should get praise from the anti-p ...2004.03.16 00:13:00
- Ya, I miss mining in high sec pleassssse help me. ...2004.03.11 13:14:00
- ya mean p u s s y c a t sign into eve? ...2004.03.11 13:12:00
- When you mine a asteroid, the ccp commision should charge you 5000 isk per minute. Therefore saving ...2004.03.11 13:05:00
- 2 vs like 9 or 10, we still won I think, we lost 1 ship, but killed 5 :) I know my math is good.I ju ...2004.03.11 13:03:00
- How does a miner, get all his money? Well he mines, there are no guns in belts, I still like visitin ...2004.03.07 00:16:00
- I don't want to mine, so I will just make sure, i get all my minerals from ca :) ...2004.03.04 03:13:00
- What, you used to haul for me! why can't ya just be honest, and tell people to stfu and drive on!I p ...2004.02.26 06:10:00
- Gallente Nocturnus Angelus*makes mental note* ...2004.02.23 11:27:00
- Yep still here and killing people :) 491 corpses and rising daily :) ...2004.02.23 11:14:00
- dunno, i been getting alot of good tech 2 stuff from right outside empire space, making isk hasn't b ...2004.02.23 11:11:00
- I roleplay with your corpse after i get it all night long. The corpses love my role play :0 ...2004.02.23 11:08:00
- please donate isk to me, so i can further help the carebears along ...2004.01.29 12:34:00

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