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- Holy fv[# there is a lot of students in here. ...2011.08.05 01:40:00
- if you didn't watch the trailer, the dust players made a giant laser shoot down a moros. so like, th ...2011.06.07 04:42:00
- Trying to see the important bit, but thanks for quoting that.Still not seeing how this is going to p ...2011.06.07 04:37:00
- I am seeing a lot of rage about Dust - so much so that I can't help wonder what I missed.Firstly - S ...2011.06.07 04:17:00
- ... Information like 'were the traded units bought or sold' greatly affect your strategy in a give ...2011.04.28 03:55:00
- Edited by: Methesda on 27/04/2011 07:21:17 Edited by: Xemoxa on 27/04/2011 04:45:19 This is meant ...2011.04.27 07:19:00
- VV,It's a shame that so many people feel the need to criticise rather than discuss, and/or are unawa ...2011.04.27 02:37:00
- Nevermind the ships,When pirates enter the system, the nebula's should darken, sheet lightening shou ...2011.04.26 23:25:00
- So, if you're looking for the ability to run Eve on a tablet or smartphone, android or iphone, I don ...2011.04.26 22:43:00
- We actually have the mechanics to deal with this in game already. The simple answer is the obvious ...2011.04.26 01:51:00
- PS:There are always fools who sell for less than the mineral worth.Part of the spreadsheet's purpose ...2011.04.24 21:40:00
- Edited by: Methesda on 24/04/2011 21:35:28 I don't see the truth in this OP.I have an ME5 Rupture B ...2011.04.24 21:33:00
- Hi,Having come back from some time away, I like the ability to save and equip loadouts in station.Wh ...2011.04.22 10:25:00
- The miners are the real rulers of EVE. For a very little investment they sell thier ore for a big pr ...2011.04.20 05:11:00
- If you want to buy it then fair enough.To me Eve is at it's heart a role playing game. Whilst I am ...2011.04.20 03:35:00

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