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- When I specify a certain item I wish I could see more than just one damn region. ...2006.12.04 09:44:00
- This is nearly the most pointless thread because those in low space will generally say no and those ...2006.12.04 09:24:00
- I'm sure for those not in Empire space it was ok, however for most in Empire space it wasn't all ros ...2006.12.04 09:06:00
- Sent a message. ...2006.11.29 22:41:00
- Sorry bit late to this but I've been away for a little while and I had a load of shares before leavi ...2006.11.25 18:11:00
- I think ppl need to start ransoming roids, that be fun and rather long. ...2006.04.19 11:25:00
- As others have said he isn't a griefer but neither is it a very nice thing to do....but you live and ...2006.04.19 11:23:00
- I went to a Celetis first after Tristan then moved on to a Thorax once my skills had improved. ...2006.04.19 08:17:00
- Most points from Empire -> 0.0 are normally camped by horrible pirates......yarr there be whales her ...2006.04.18 22:47:00
- Edited by: Embattle on 16/04/2006 23:18:08 100 Shares of P2 please, money sent.Received 2 minutes l ...2006.04.16 23:14:00
- Bump and goodluck Archmage Raistlin...just ignore the rest. ...2006.04.16 10:37:00
- My old old CNR, although it had more or less a full DG loadout including 7 launchers. ...2006.04.16 09:32:00
- Insurance is based on MAT costs, not what you paid for it. To do it any other way would become far t ...2006.04.16 09:30:00
- Edited by: Embattle on 15/04/2006 18:44:05 Shares received...thanks. ...2006.04.15 18:38:00
- 100 shares, Money Sent and good luck in your venture. ...2006.04.15 16:23:00

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