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- Placid Coalition has declared war on INTAKI UNION. After 24 hours fighting can legally occur between ...2006.11.14 08:04:00
- Congratulations on a very nice idea sir. ...2006.11.08 18:43:00
- but they only lose 40mil isk at present (plat insurance + fittings), this makes hitting a ship with ...2006.11.08 18:38:00
- I'm with Bart. Lachesis/Arazu + anything big enough to do the damage required to kill me. ...2006.11.08 18:26:00
- No, we don't all want it. I'd prefer to see one account-one character training continue thanks. ...2006.11.08 18:23:00
- I reject your assertion that all pod pilots have cast aside ethics and abandoned the will of their p ...2006.11.08 18:19:00
- Since his arrival on the homeworld little has been heard from the Idama. I can only hope that this l ...2006.11.08 18:14:00
- Armed soldiers on Federation Navy vessels. Who would have thought it.If a few Veto stragglers could ...2006.11.08 05:22:00
- You're not serious in your suggestion that the Federation should alter itself to suit the foreigners ...2006.11.07 09:25:00
- You might try starting with this thread. ...2006.11.06 08:24:00
- That poor Amarr fella has a serious case of goitre going on. ...2006.11.06 08:05:00
- You know im sure i dont go trolling other peoples threads why do it to mine. Freighters are to big ...2006.11.04 17:53:00
- I can't see much benefit taking them past 4. You're looking at ~10 days for a 5% bonus (raw) trainin ...2006.11.04 16:33:00
- Battlecruiser 5 is also a prerequisite for Command Ships. ...2006.11.04 16:31:00
- With my current attribute’s it would take 140days 7 hours to train the leadership skills that ...2006.11.04 16:29:00

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