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- It's really hard to believe there's a large enough pool of users with billions of ISK stupid enough ...2009.10.23 22:28:00
- Edited by: Baillif on 21/10/2009 04:56:55 HYDRA WILL PREVAIL!!1!1I AM DIPLOMAT!/failIt's HYDRA WILL ...2009.10.21 07:01:00
- Use it to hire Merc corps against the alliance HYDRA RELOADED to get them to disband. You will do a ...2009.10.20 04:32:00
- Step One: Fit up a Faction Battleship. Fancy Fittings such as officer fits aren't needed, though fac ...2009.10.19 03:00:00
- It's not to sell the BSs, it's to get them blown up. lol actually I think this one explains what ...2009.09.04 05:18:00
- Invincible pods? I must be doing it wrong. ...2009.08.20 21:58:00
- I tend to prefer small ships, fighting more on speed and skill than just base damage and buffer, and ...2009.08.20 00:10:00
- Proof it can be doneGiven, he was a noob and the fight lasted like 10-15 minutes, after he engaged m ...2009.08.19 22:13:00
- I like this idea, and have been reading up on it a little. Anyway.What about adding on a small part ...2009.07.30 17:35:00
- So how are your most recent contracts going. A few little birdies have whispered in my ears that you ...2009.07.28 17:19:00
- Edited by: Victoria Akmea on 26/07/2009 05:28:45 Tai****e Kami (KVKN) Heartily Endorses This Produc ...2009.07.26 05:28:00
- Edited by: Victoria Akmea on 21/07/2009 20:27:36 Yes, yes… you accuse a reputable merc alliance of ...2009.07.21 20:27:00
- Edited by: Victoria Akmea on 20/07/2009 00:43:58 The Corporation Tai****e Kami will, so far, always ...2009.07.20 00:18:00

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