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- The most boring time sink of a game I have ever played to date. Sure there is some fun that occurs ...2003.11.09 08:20:00
- Used to be a hard core Magic The Gathering card player for several years (winner of the 1996 CCG cha ...2003.10.28 16:50:00
- "TTI... hehe ;)" ...2003.10.23 19:39:00
- Edited by: The Wretch on 23/10/2003 16:00:29Way to go NVA pirates! Sorry, could not resist. Sweet ...2003.10.23 15:59:00
- Took a few weeks off from EvE and Techell is having multiple wars delclared on them. People must re ...2003.10.21 16:55:00
- Well it shouldn't be if you can't buy two - more like if you can't afford the insurance don't buy it ...2003.10.13 21:21:00
- truncated content ...2003.10.12 07:42:00
- Pirates should operate like most corps.Mining, mining, trading, trading, manfacturing, production et ...2003.10.11 20:24:00
- High Priestess:I see you still have that metal band wrapped around your head way too tight.The KOS t ...2003.10.05 17:36:00
- Here is me in a sulky mood when my ex took my picture... X-TTI member? ...2003.10.04 03:58:00
- Nice little site eddz. ...2003.10.03 23:43:00
- Well I just remembered I had an old DAOC page (free hosting) that had myself and some pictures of so ...2003.10.03 21:01:00
- LOL ...2003.10.03 17:33:00
- To put a real face on someones in game avatar would ruin the whole virtual gaming effect for me.I wa ...2003.10.03 17:22:00
- Edited by: The Wretch on 03/10/2003 17:15:03There has to be a way it could be made to work. Insuran ...2003.10.03 17:14:00

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