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- This is a good place to start. ...2010.06.04 09:14:00
- You need to have standing with the sovereignty holder and you get that standing by doing storyline m ...2010.04.03 11:10:00
- Motherships & Titans are the only 2 ships that HAVE to be built in Capital Ship Assembly Array.Dread ...2009.09.28 08:22:00
- I have a question that I probably know the answer to, but I am going to ask anyway. With a structure ...2009.09.21 10:17:00
- Not possible. ...2009.09.21 10:10:00
- Either blow them up or petition it (read sticky) ...2009.08.26 13:11:00
- Nope you have to be in a player corporation. ...2009.08.26 12:27:00
- i hope you aslso have sov 4 i think it isSovereignty L1 is all that is required to put up an outpost ...2009.08.19 08:18:00
- The Youtube one says it's not available. ...2009.07.30 18:38:00
- You put them on the market for less than the NPC buys them for..Still can't figure that one out!!!! ...2009.07.21 07:59:00
- Nope you can't use a LSAA to build a Rorqual, you could before CCP changed it. You now need an Xtra ...2009.07.20 07:50:00
- If it's in high sec, warp to it and have a look around for a control tower/POS already there. ...2009.07.20 07:48:00

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