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- The point is: you are soon going to die, like the rest of us. Maybe you live 30-60 years more, but t ...2011.09.05 15:42:00
- IF the markets are over saturated do nothing. There is no need to tweak anything as the market ca ...2011.08.22 13:14:00
- Some older gamers have reservations to admit that they play EVE online to their social environment. ...2011.08.20 12:32:00
- That's good if true. I'm tired of those "OMG !! 35 reds in local, we have 32 in fleet, let's run, th ...2011.08.19 12:43:00
- Not sure this is a good idea - this will just make the uber rich null sec alliances with super cap b ...2011.08.19 03:13:00
- Heh nice idea. Let's players collect money for the development of their favourite game aspects ... I ...2011.08.19 02:45:00
- Hi CCP, can we some artificial demands for ISK, mineral and LP instead of nerfs ? I know that the ma ...2011.08.19 02:42:00
- What you are calling "savant powers" is a defect in the brain that does not allow people to filter i ...2011.08.14 18:52:00
- Edited by: 0oO0oOoOo0o on 03/08/2011 23:40:23Then you have the whole EVe bank and other things being ...2011.08.03 23:39:00
- I'd like to add one aspect to 0.0: You train skills slower when you're in 0.0 than when you're in hi ...2011.08.03 17:31:00
- Imo, he's likely a puppet for whoemever's pulling the strings. ... The whole thing's fishy and there ...2011.07.23 09:55:00
- According to his facebook-profile he was a World of Warcraft fan ...2011.07.23 09:48:00
- I'd ask him if he could pull a T20 and give me a State Issue Raven in game .. ...2011.07.13 20:50:00
- OMG why don't they even allow this guys name in internet links ? This is kinda weird. You may write ...2011.07.13 03:38:00
- Edited by: 0oO0oOoOo0o on 13/07/2011 03:22:58 This is still up for sale. Oh well, the Russians. I' ...2011.07.13 03:22:00

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